Thursday, August 26, 2010

{Bills to be paid}

Everyone hates the dreaded "bill" word.  I'm not always the best at staying on top of the dreaded things either.  So I got thinking, "what could I do to make it funner?"  Well in reality nothing.  But I could make my bill box look funner cuter.  Now that's something fun, right?! So I did just that.
My bill box wasn't ugly to begin with, just boring.
So I mod podged some cute paper on it.

But then I noticed the little metal thing-a-ma-jig was a bit crooked & I couldn't have that;)  So I first tried to pry the thing off but that booger wouldn't budge.  Plus I was afraid that I'd ruin the box.  I then got thinking, "what could I put over it?"  Ribbon of course.  Gotta love ribbon!
 Not bad.  You can still see the thing-a-ma-jig but I think it "adds" to it.  HA!  So there ya have it.  My funner cuter to look at but still not so fun to pay bill box.

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