Thursday, September 9, 2010


Simple. Cute. Fun. Easy & Cheap to make journals.  I originally did these in an activity for some of the girls in my church.  I got the idea from my super crafty neighbor.  Just wanna give credit where credit is due......Anyhow, they turned out super cute & the girls had a great time.  I decided to do some for my family for family night.  Since my kiddos are still little, I covered them & gave them to them with a message about the importance of keeping a journal.

As you can see here, Baby Girl has already broke hers in.  I actually already knew this would happen & told the other two before hand that I would appreciate it if they didn't "color" all over theirs like Baby Girl probably will.  I could have put a seal over the top but didn't feel like it.  Lazy maybe;) 
Can you see where is says Baby Girl on it? Love it!

Here is my Princess's journal.  It's so loverly. Butterflies, pink, & purple are her thang.

Here is Little Mans.  Isn't it so Manly!  As you can see, he loves cars.
I love the girly ones but I think his is my fav.  
the back.......

Here is the Hubsters.  It's a journal-ly journal, HA!  Is that even a word?!

  And finally mine.  Pretty cute, if I do say so myself. 
And this is my inside cover, I did mine a bit cuter than the rest;) 
I didn't take any pics while making these but if you're interested I can do a tutorial.  
Just leave me a comment.  
Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Journaling!


  1. Super cute! Of course. What kind of books did you cover? Just notebooks? I think your husband's is my fave, though they are all awesome!

  2. Thank you! I used composition notebooks. they are on sale for .25 at Wal-mart right now. Although they are running low, so if you want some, run. They were out in the back to school area, but found some in the office supply area.

  3. Oh wow I needed a new affordable gift idea for the RS birthdays this year, I hope there are some left when I go tomorrow!! Thanks!!!

  4. So cute!

    Just popping in to let you know you won my Chocoholic giveaway. Shoot me an email with your info and pendant choice. And thanks for following!! :)

  5. Gotta love that CTMH paper! Very cute idea and great for FHE!