Thursday, September 9, 2010


Simple. Cute. Fun. Easy & Cheap to make journals.  I originally did these in an activity for some of the girls in my church.  I got the idea from my super crafty neighbor.  Just wanna give credit where credit is due......Anyhow, they turned out super cute & the girls had a great time.  I decided to do some for my family for family night.  Since my kiddos are still little, I covered them & gave them to them with a message about the importance of keeping a journal.

As you can see here, Baby Girl has already broke hers in.  I actually already knew this would happen & told the other two before hand that I would appreciate it if they didn't "color" all over theirs like Baby Girl probably will.  I could have put a seal over the top but didn't feel like it.  Lazy maybe;) 
Can you see where is says Baby Girl on it? Love it!

Here is my Princess's journal.  It's so loverly. Butterflies, pink, & purple are her thang.

Here is Little Mans.  Isn't it so Manly!  As you can see, he loves cars.
I love the girly ones but I think his is my fav.  
the back.......

Here is the Hubsters.  It's a journal-ly journal, HA!  Is that even a word?!

  And finally mine.  Pretty cute, if I do say so myself. 
And this is my inside cover, I did mine a bit cuter than the rest;) 
I didn't take any pics while making these but if you're interested I can do a tutorial.  
Just leave me a comment.  
Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Journaling!