Sunday, August 1, 2010

{Bunk Beds}

Not too long ago, we put Baby Girl in a big girl bed.  This wasn't something we planned & were ready for.  She's a monkey & had climbed out of her crib like a bazillion times.  It shook us up each time we heard a big thud coming from her room.  So we decided that with this new milestone, comes a new bed.  Something you're never ready for;)  Well because of this new bed, she could easily get out of her bed & climb into her big sister's bed without us knowing.  Princess was not happy about this.  She needs her beauty sleep, ya know;)  We decided that bunk beds might be the solution, since they have to share a room.  Well in my daily search of, I decided to start searching for bunk beds.  I came across so many cute beds, so many that I fell in love with.  But so many of them with larger price tags.  People want gold for their junk.  I'm sure a small percentage were worth what they were asking but come on people.  So anyway I came across an ad that interested me.  Weird thing is there was no picture & I usually pass those right up.  So I called first thing in the morning, we went & looked at it.  It wasn't anything special & I hated the color but for $75 we took it.  And besides, I had already planned on painting it;)

I normally love dark wood but this was more like 1980's dark wood.
as you can see here, I took all my aggression out on it.  I love distressing!  could have more than one meaning;) lol!
the darker ones are where I primed & the white one is where I painted it off white.  I only did one coat of each, since I was going to add a stain as well.  I don't always prime but this bed is 20+ years old.  I wanted to prevent any orange peeling.  Could be caused from such things as greasy finger prints & since this was a kids bed, ya just never know. 
the next ones are after I applied the stain.  I put it on with a rag & then took it right off with another rag.  Left it on just enough to get the groves I added & to give it an antique look.  I also took a small paint brush to ones I wanted a bit darker & then wiped off.
and the finished project, well the bunk bed anyway.  Now I'm on the hunt for new bedding.  I will probably make them, but we'll see what I find. 
And after new bedding comes more painting...the room, the dresser, their little table & anything else I'm in the mood to change;)
and as I mentioned before about Baby Girl being a monkey & lovin' to climb....Well that's just another hurdle we have to cross now. Kinda wish we had the worry of the crib back.  But loving the extra room we got back and the way it turned out.
Do your kids share a room?  What do you do for storage? I'm thinking maybe cubbies & baskets, what do ya think?
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  1. Truly talented! I'm so glad you have this, I can learn a lot from your experience!