Thursday, June 10, 2010

{my knacks, my knacks, knickety- knacks}

Welcome to my new blog!!  I'm so excited to share some of the things I do.  I've been contemplating doing a craft-ish blog for a while now.  I'm really no expert on anything but I can say I have a knack for crafty things.  I've always got a project I'm working on or one that's been rolling around in my head just waiting to get out.  I wanted a blog as somewhere I could share my creative side.  If anything else I hope I can inspire someone else to get their craft on!!!!!

some of my knacks & things I love to do include but are not limited to:

  • thrift shop & re-purpose the stuff I find. It's probably my favorite thing to do.  I find myself at D.I. way more than I'd like to admit. Which is hilarious since I wouldn't have been caught dead there a few years ago;)
  • making beaded jewelry. this is probably right up there with re-purposing but I don't do this nearly enough.  It just really depends on my mood & lately I've just been in the mood to decorate my house or update what I have.  
  • mod podge. really?!! you can mod podge anything, this probably goes along side of re-purposing since I mod podge a lot of the things I redo.  
  • refinish furniture. again this goes with the re-purposing thing.  I guess I could have just listed the things I like to re-purpose & how, lol.   This could even become my new favorite thing to do.  It's really a great feeling having furniture that you refinished.  I've got several things in the works I can't wait to share.   
  • making hair accessories for my girls.
  • occasional sewing.   
  • scrapbook & make cards. This I REALLY don't enough.  I love to do it but really never find the time, partly the reason I blog so much,(online scrapbook).  My goal is to complete at least a page or two every year. LOL!  Not really but it's the way it's been going.  
  • I also love anything & everything that makes my job as a mom & a homemaker easier or funner. 

This list only touches a few things I love to do & the type of things you might find on my blog.  Hope you enjoy & come back often!  Thanks!!!

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